Who am I?

How can I present myself to you? I don’t like the fancy “I’m a software engineer with 20 years of experience…” type of presentations… when I met new people usually the topics go: me, job, hobbies,… and if something clicks we expand… so…

Me! I am a person, father, Spanish, from Valencia. Living in Amsterdam since 2014. Sharing my wife and son with 2 cats (she is the Alpha-cat, I’m one of the clowder).

Job! Globalinternet was bought by Expereo … I need to update this paragraph… yeah, other day… I work as Solution Architect (fancy eh?) for Globalinternet, what I really do is meet with a lot of people trying to understand the needs of the business, reading in between lines to understand the real problem or need and how we can fix it or improve it (sometimes, I have really good ideas). It usually follows the rule of “don’t do what the user wants, do what the user needs”. You can see more of my work life down in the page.

Hobbies! I like to build things, metal models, Lego sets, puzzles,…

Metal model of the millennium falcon

I also like to play videogames, but now I’m more of a casual player. I like games like Assassins creed, Lara croft, God of war, Zelda’s, Lego’s,… a combination of puzzles and action.

I am re-discovering a new way of playing: couch co-op with my girlfriend. Sometimes it’s challenging, the puzzles are also outside the game :p

I try to keep up with movies and TV-series, … but time is a scarce resource.

But since I’m father all my free time usually goes playing with my son (not complaining)

So, in a sentence: Sofware engineer by day, father/tinkerer by evenings, bad sleeper at night, techy all the time.

Work Experience

Technology Leader @ Expereo (Aug 2021 – Now)
Leading developers in the commercial space, improving processes, automations and whatnots 🙂

Solution Architect @ Globalinternet (Jul 2019 – Aug 2021)
In a nutshell: Finding solutions for the business problems.

IT Manager @ Globalinternet (Aug 2014 – Jul 2019)
I was in charge of the development team, the IT team and heavely involced.

CTO @ Blindata SL (Jan 2013 – Jul 2014)
As technological partner in Blindata I was in charge of IT, the website, CRM and app

IT Specialist & developer @ Fundació General de la Universitat de valència (Mar 2009 – Jul 2014)
Office IT, php development, asp development, Server management (Windows and Linux). Developed the CRM for the alumni department, webstore of the University, CMS for all the departmental webpages, web app for the courses of the departments.

Developer & IT Specialist @ Universitat de València (Dec 2007 – Nov 2008)
Main focus on develop the ERP-CRM for the CUDAP
IT for the CUDAP and the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities.

PHP developer, web developer @ Dusnic SL (Mar 2007 – Jan 2008)
Web development, maintenance of the CMS created in the company